• WHY?

My name is Tony.  “Toe-knee” is creative and is funny… So why not?




Categories of individual collective projects completed are on the left toolbar.

“If you can wipe your own butt, you can navigate this website”. — Einstein

In all seriousness, I hope things are self explanatory here.   Let me know if not.


There are many more videos on my YouTube channel (Toeknee Media).  www.ToekneeMedia.com is to showcase my select choices.


I have a strong passion for skimboarding which is why most of my content is such, but ToeKnee Media is much more than an action sports website.

Its myself inside out, take it or leave it.

I hope that everyone can find something to enjoy here. I make it my duty to meet new experiences in life and I hope it shows through my art.

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more!


~NJoi ~

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  1. Just wanting to know what camera and editing software that you use I love your skim videos and editing and need to find an editing software and new camer

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