Cactus the Van 2.0 was lovingly created shortly after Cactus the Van 1.0 found a home. I’ve decided to name every van Cactus because a cactus can survive with very little resources and is magnificent in it’s own right. Please come in and explore what Cactus the Van 2.0 has to offer and maybe she will find a home with you!


– 2019 Dodge Pro-master 1500
– towing capable up to 5,600 lbs
– holding weight up to 3,400 lbs
– approx. 10,000 miles mostly highway
– recent oil change
– GPS location system for theft
– anti theft alarm
– power windows/locks/side view anti fog mirrors
– air conditioning
– Bluetooth
– back up camera
– 3 keys
– extra storage in main cabin
– storage above cabin
– original owner, bought new
– newly purchased materials for built interior
– natural materials/toxic free
– polyiso insulation/wool/spray foam
– waterproof “cork” flooring
– cooking propane stove/oven
– maxxair ceiling fan
– 12v stainless sink/dometic vertical fridge/individually switched lighting w/ dimming
– x2 185 watt solar
– alternator switch charging capable for extra power storage
– 2000 watt inverter x2 outlets w/safety switch
– 200 amp hour AGM battery
– spices and oils
– jars for food/coffees etc.
– deconstructed bed/seating
– 4′ couch/bed: canvas removable covering 4″ medium density foam
– added sliding 10″ x 3 side windows & 12″ x 2 sliding rear windows
– i-pad holder
– bookshelf
– privacy sliding door
– tiling in kitchen
– stain proof walls/cabinets/counter top
– hanging closet and extra storage areas
– kitchen drawers/cabinets, netting and storage
– under cabinetry lighting/dimming
– 6 gallon water tank/3 gallon grey water
– hooks and hangers/ vertical closet
– under bed storage 54″ length
– hand made twin fin 5’2″ surfboard (negotiable)

We can work on pricing depending if you prefer AS-IS or not.
I live in Laguna Beach, southern California area. I am willing to drive the vehicle to you for the right price depending on where you live.

Please contact me for any questions on the build or construction questions.


My name is Tony. “Toe-knee” is creative and is funny… So why not?


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