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VIDEO DATE: 03-03-14

World Champ, Austin Keen sealed the #1 spot in the Skim UST tour for 2013 which is commendable in itself, however he has been doing so much more work than just that. He has helped start a skim camp for eager students, he supports healthy values in lifestyle and nutrition/yoga, constantly pushes the envelope in free skimming… and as seen here STEP OFF’s . Step off’s are exactly what they sound like. You step off a larger board onto a smaller board, and in this case a Costco 100$ surfboard. The benefit of doing this is experimenting on larger waves in places normally un-skimable to expand the sport of Skimboarding to our cousin sports like surfing and skating. Skimboarding/step offs are not meant to overtake surfing or skating, but branch off of these spots creating their own positive energy. Myself and Austin as well as so many other skimboarders love all board sports as well as anything that pushes the limits on art and human possibility.
Please feel free to spread this around and try it yourself. It is so much fun and deserves a spot hopefully next to our brother and sister sports.

Check out more of Austin Keen at www.AustinKeen.com or at his sponsor affiliated websites

www.Exileskimboards.com , www.Freewaters.com , www.Spyoptic.com , www.replayxd.com ,www.oamsurf.com , www.repavision.com , www.hitplayyoga.com , www.eastcoastskimboards.com ,www.soloshot.com


We would like to give a shout out to people who have been pushing the limits of step off’s motivating people like Austin and I.

Max Bourne in particular. He has balls of steel. You can find him at www.Victoriaskimboards.com

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Yep Miley Cyrus, and you liked it.