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ZAP Amateur World Championships of skimboarding Skimusa – 2011- www.AlleyOOPSkim.com AWC

VIDEO DATE: 08-2011

Film/Produce/Edit: Tony (Toeknee) Bianchi
Email: info@toekneeabc123.com


http://zapamworlds.tumblr.com/ — Check out the site!

“This year Skim USA celebrated the 30th anniversary of it’s longest running event, the East Coast Skimboarding Championships. As competition director Harry Wilson announced his retirement from contest organizing the event changed it’s name and transitioned into an all amateur competition: The Zap Amateur World Championships of Skimboarding presented by: Alley_Oop. Now with excess event funds available from not having a professional purse to award funds were put into bringing in top riders from around the globe, high level prizes, a larger beach set up, and documentation of the event by skim cinematographer Tony Bianchi . Check out the movie below to see exactly what this event was all about. It is a piece of history that anyone interested in Skimboarding must see! A documentary, reality show, and history lesson all rolled into one. Give yourself a moment to sit down and take in this piece of skimboarding that will entertain you for 35 minutes. This is were we came from and where we’re going with this historical event.”

It was a blast working with everyone on this project. All the Groms are epic kids and J-Dub is a solid friend to me. It was magical.
So yeah I worked my ass off on this project more than most of you guys probably realize. So please give it time to load, and take 35 min out of your life to watch it. Thanks NJoi~

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